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Home Insurance May Not Cover Everything In A Storage Unit Self-storage units are growing in popularity according to a recent report from Bloomberg. New units and warehouses are being built every month to accommodate the growing demand for paid storage. READ MORE >>

What Is Workers' Compensation Insurance? Workers' compensation insurance provides coverage for medical benefits and wage replacement when an employee is injured or killed on the job. When an injured employee accepts workers' compensation payments, he or she legally gives up the right to sue the employer later for damages or negligence. READ MORE >>

What Renters Need To Know About Insurance Since most homeowners are also mortgage holders, they are required to have home insurance. However, most renters are not required to purchase renter's insurance according to the terms of a lease. They face many of the same risks as homeowners. READ MORE >>

General Liability v. Professional Liability Insurance People are human, it turns out, after all. That's true whether they are neurosurgeons, high-power attorneys, mechanics, retail store owners or anything in between. Despite all the 'best practice' advice and all the systems and protocols, human error happens and it happens in all professions, in all industries and at all levels. READ MORE >>

Contractors: Get To Know These Insurance Phrases Insurance requirements in construction contracts contain important but confusing phrases. Phrases like "contractual liability" and "primary and noncontributory" have different meanings and impacts on a contractor's liability insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Parents Shape Teens into Responsible Drivers Besides graduation day, the day a teenager gets their driver's license is one of the most important days of their lives. It's something they've looked forward to for years, that feeling of freedom once they hit the open road. Unfortunately, parents don't always share the same vision. READ MORE >>

Teens Drinking at Parties = Insurance Issues Every spring brings with it the prom and graduation party seasons. Unfortunately, these events often become occasions for teens to drink alcohol. Teens at unsupervised parties risk harming themselves and others when they drink. READ MORE >>

Teens Drinking at House Parties and Insurance During the spring, two events most teens participate in are graduation parties and prom after-parties. Both types of events usually also include alcohol. When they are at unsupervised parties, teens are at a greater risk of hurting themselves or others by drinking. READ MORE >>

Homeowner Planning for Natural Disasters Summertime, though usually pleasant, is also when natural disasters may strike. The threat of such catastrophes as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods occurring is a real one. You can plan ahead to avoid the consequences that these disasters can have on your life and property. READ MORE >>

Prepare for a Possible Hurricane: It's the Wise Thing to Do Hurricane season in the U.S. starts in June and lasts until the end of November. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you need to have an emergency plan that has been thought out carefully. READ MORE >>

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