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The Wealth Trap: Underinsuring Liability, Over-insuring Assets If you are accumulating wealth quickly and live the comfortable life with a large house, luxury car and other expensive assets, you've no doubt already insured all of those belongings. READ MORE >>

Determining Who Is at Fault in an Auto Accident Determining who is legally responsible in an auto accident requires identifying who the negligent party is. In most cases, common sense can be used to determine fault, but often drivers do not know exactly which laws were broken by the at-fault party. READ MORE >>

This New Year Resolve to Review Your Insurance While you may have made some good New Year's resolutions, to make sure that you are not leaving anything to chance you should also revisit your insurance policies. READ MORE >>

Many Americans Underestimate Their Flood Risk About 90 percent of natural disasters in the United States include flooding. However, less than 20 percent of homeowners and renters buy flood insurance according to a research conducted for the Insurance Information Institute. READ MORE >>

Every Business Owner Needs Insurance To Prepare For Interruptions Operational disruptions can devastate any business from a small startup to an established large corporation. One way to offset the loss of revenue or access to the business space is with business interruption or BI coverage. READ MORE >>

Do You Need Full Replacement Coverage for Your Commercial Property? The owners of a new company found a building on the market for an affordable price, so they bought it. Built in the 1940s to manufacture aircraft for the war effort, the metal structure had a large open space.  READ MORE >>

The Proper Amount of Business Liability Coverage There is no set formula regarding how much liability a business needs. However, the more coverage you have, the more bulletproof your business becomes. If you are running a very successful business, you will probably want minimal disruption if an incident occurs in which you may be seen as liable. READ MORE >>

Seven Tips To Get the Most from Your Business Insurance One Sunday in May 2011, a massive tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri. With winds surpassing 200 miles per hour, it killed 161 people, injured 1,150 more, destroyed approximately 2,000 buildings, and caused $2.8 billion in property damage. READ MORE >>

How to Handle Water Damage People often worry about fires damaging their homes and commercial buildings. While fires are dangerous and can cause extensive damage to property, they are rare compared to another element that is in the home or building every minute of every day: Water. READ MORE >>

Here is What's to Know About Vacant Buildings & Insurance According to website statista, the 2016 average vacancy rate for offices to 12.3 percent nationwide, over 9 percent of retail spaces and 10.2 percent industrial spaces were vacant. READ MORE >>

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