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What Homeowners Need To Know About The Claims Payment Process When a claims adjuster inspects the damage to a home after an insurance claim is filed, the insurance company will offer a certain amount for the necessary repairs. It is important to remember that the first check form the insurance company is typically an advance payment and not the final check. READ MORE >>

Mitigation Reduces The Risk Of Fire Damages Home insurance provides some peace of mind and financial security for families. However, fire prevention should still be a priority. Fire-resistant features can provide discounts on home insurance and may help offset the costs of purchasing and installing them. READ MORE >>

As Disasters Increase in Scope and Cost, Revisit Your Homeowner's Coverage In 2017, the U.S. experienced one of the most disaster-filled years in history, with tens of thousands of people losing their homes and countless others temporarily displaced. READ MORE >>

What Drivers Need to Know to Stay Protected from Deer Collisions Safe driving is a must when deer are plentiful. During the spring and fall months of the year, it is common to see more deer on the road. Deer are difficult to see when it is dark, and they often dart out in front of vehicles at the last second. READ MORE >>

Does Your Insurance Cover Your Vacation Rental? It's vacation time, and the extended family has rented a large beach house just a short walk from the water. The kids and grandkids are there; one even brought his dog. With 20 people in the house, there's a lot of catching up, noise and confusion. READ MORE >>

Belong to a Homeowners' Association? Know Your Insurance Obligations If you reside in a community that's part of a homeowners' association (HOA), you should understand what the association's insurance obligations are relative to your own. READ MORE >>

Is Wear and Tear Covered Under an Insurance Policy? Insurance is intended to cover many potential losses that you would not normally expect to pay for, including incidents that are sudden and accidental. However, there are certain items that will eventually have to be replaced anyway, due to normal wear and tear. READ MORE >>

Tips for Settling a Claim after an Auto Accident After being in an auto accident, an injured person often wonders how to proceed with injury claims against the at-fault party. When it is added to the shock of being in an accident and dealing with recovering, the process may seem overwhelming. READ MORE >>

10 Questions for Assessing Insurance Needs and Changes When life circumstances change, insurance needs change with them. This is why agents across the country encourage Americans to review their insurance policies every year to update coverage for such changes. These are 10 important questions to consider when updating coverage. READ MORE >>

Consider Home And Auto Insurance Before Moving All homeowners and renters should review their insurance policies before moving. People who are moving from a home and renting temporarily often overlook the importance of renter's insurance at their new residence. Also, people may forget to update an auto policy after moving. READ MORE >>

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