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Eight Insurance-cost Saving Tips As 2020 gets underway, now is a good time to review your home safety and insurance plans for the year. Make sure this year that you make your home safety a priority, and also ensure that you get the most bang for the buck with your insurance coverage.  READ MORE >>

Safety Tips That You May Not Have Considered As the New Year gets underway, now would be a good time to double down on your workplace safety efforts to see if there are any areas that you may be overlooking. While your safety regimen may be top notch, there is always room for improvement and you can consider these options as recommended by EHS Today: READ MORE >>

Why Workers' Comp Claims Spike in the Summer Workplace injury rates rise during the summer months. When summer rolls around, companies in many sectors, including agriculture and construction, significantly increase production. Increased road construction raises risks for workers and drivers. READ MORE >>

Protecting Your Firm as an Additional Insured In the course of doing business, you may sometimes find yourself entering into contracts requiring that your business be named as an additional insured on another party's insurance policies. READ MORE >>

A Lesson in Timely Claims Reporting A recent appeals decision denied coverage to a company on its directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance policies for taking too long to file the claim.  In this case, the 5thU.S. READ MORE >>

Two Real-World Lawsuits and Lessons Learned for Contractors Things go wrong on a regular basis on construction projects. That's why contractor's liability insurance exists - to protect everyone involved.  READ MORE >>

As Dump Trucks Grow Longer, Tip-overs Increase Dump truck and semi-trailer dumping rig tip-overs are occurring at an increasing frequency, often resulting in drivers and sometimes workers on the ground being injured or killed.  The reason for the increase is that end-dump-truck bodies and semi-trailer dumping rigs are being built longer than ever before. READ MORE >>

Struggling for Survival: Businesses That Went Thin on Insurance Imagine several small businesses located around the country. Each is well-established and profitable. Each of them bought business insurance - property, liability, automobile and workers' compensation. READ MORE >>

Car Crashes a Leading Cause of High-severity Claims Traffic accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of high-severity workers' comp claims, according to research. The National Council on Compensation Insurance found in a study that the cost of workers' comp claims for accidents involving motor vehicles was 250% more than the average for all workplace accidents. READ MORE >>

Four Thefts That Show Not All Thieves Are Stupid While the majority of people live their lives honestly and don't steal and cheat, unfortunately there are plenty of unscrupulous people in society that have no qualms about stealing from you. And while many people think that overall, thieves are stupid, many of them are calculating and know when to strike. READ MORE >>

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