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Understanding Terrorism Insurance Limits and Provisions Businesses and individuals can purchase terrorism insurance to cover possible losses resulting from terrorist attacks. It is important for consumers and business owners to understand their options and coverage inclusions. Individuals READ MORE >>

Understanding Tree Damage & Your Homeowners Insurance When a tree falls on a house, the first thing most homeowners wonder is whether their insurance will cover the damage. Fortunately, they do, and the coverage inclusions are clear. READ MORE >>

Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation Vacation is a time every family, couple or individual looks forward to. However, home invaders can easily ruin vacations. When a person gets a call from the authorities about such an incident, it often cuts the trip short. READ MORE >>

Insurance & Lawsuit Considerations for Homeowners with Dogs More than 30 percent of homeowners insurance claims result from dog bites. In 2011, insurers paid out more than $450 million for dog bite claims. Research shows that the average payout for a dog bite claim was about $29,000 in 2011. READ MORE >>

Notify your Agent Before Starting a Remodeling Project In the upcoming year, home improvement activity is expected to rise. For those who plan to be a part of this rising number, it is important to have the right type of insurance and the right amount of coverage. Insurance should be in place during and after construction. READ MORE >>

Your Mortgage, Your Homeowners Insurance and Forced Placed Coverage When you take out a mortgage, part of the agreement is that you will purchase adequate homeowners insurance coverage. Adequate coverage usually means that you are insured for the replacement of your home to 100% of replacement value or that your home has enough coverage to address the amount of the loan. READ MORE >>

If You Shop for Homeowner's Insurance Based on Price, You May Regret It Later As natural disasters continue to increase in number and severity, and insurers pay out record amounts of claims for damaged homes in many parts of the country, homeowner's insurance rates are on the rise. READ MORE >>

Preparing Your Home for Spring Spring is around the corner and, just like you do before winter, it's time to take care of housekeeping items to keep up your home and reduce the chances of problems down the road. Parts of your home can be damaged during winter's harsh weather, particularly if you have endured storms and unusual weather. READ MORE >>

Why Your Insurer Would Non-renew or Cancel You If you auto insurance company sees you as a high-risk driver, it might cancel or non-renew your policy. Because insurers take cancellation seriously, they won't eliminate coverage for a traffic ticket or two. What's more, state regulators ban cancellations under most circumstances. READ MORE >>

Fender-benders - Your Guide to Minor Accidents It can easily happen … you misjudge the space when making a turn in close traffic or in a parking lot and you tap another car's rear bumper. The other driver gets out his car and appears unhurt. He inspects the bumper and says "Let's just forget about it. READ MORE >>

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