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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: auto insurance

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Distracted Teen Driving is a Bigger Problem than Previously Thought According to recent research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, distracted driving among teens is a much more serious problem than previously thought. The video analysis they provided showed that distraction was a major element in about 60 percent of moderate and severe crashes. READ MORE >>

How to Determine Who is at Fault in an Auto Accident Determining who is legally responsible in an auto accident requires pinpointing who the negligent party is. In most cases, common sense can be used to determine fault. However, most drivers who are victims in accidents do not know exactly which laws are broken by the at-fault party. READ MORE >>

Why People Hire Attorneys For Auto Insurance Claims In a recent study regarding auto insurance injury claims, about 50 percent of participants who filed claims had to hire attorneys for assistance. The survey was set up as a poll. However, most people did not seek help from an attorney because they had a bad experience with the claims process. READ MORE >>

At What Amount Should I Set my Auto Insurance Deductible? While almost everyone would like to save on their auto insurance, it can be a big mistake to be penny-smart, dollar-foolish. The dollar amount you set your comprehensive and collision deductibles at will be one of the most important decisions you make during the purchase of auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Fender-benders - Your Guide to Minor Accidents It can easily happen … you misjudge the space when making a turn in close traffic or in a parking lot and you tap another car's rear bumper. The other driver gets out his car and appears unhurt. He inspects the bumper and says "Let's just forget about it. READ MORE >>

Protect Your Officers with Drive Other Car Coverage Linda is a junior partner in a law firm and drives a car that the firm owns and insures. The firm's auto insurance covers her as a partner and she doesn't own another car, so she sees no need to have her own policy.   Most of the time, this is not a problem. READ MORE >>

When to Make a Police Report for an Auto Accident After an automobile accident, most people are a bit confused, tense and frightened. And the last thing on your mind at the time is trying to figure out whether you need to report the accident to law enforcement authorities, and what your insurance company requires of you. READ MORE >>

Avoid Falling Victim to the Staged Car Crash Scam The staged car accident scam is growing as perpetrators are getting craftier about entrapping unsuspecting motorists. Scammers usually meticulously plan their staged car accidents, leaving nothing to chance. READ MORE >>

Had an Accident? Put Your Smart Phone to Use AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS happen every minute of the day. But according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), most people do not know what steps to take or what information to share - or not share - after an accident. READ MORE >>

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Collisions with Deer, Other Large Animals? One of the most unpleasant accidents for a motorist is hitting a deer or other wild animal or livestock. The times of year that motorists in areas with deer, moose or elk are most likely to collide with one of the creature... READ MORE >>

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