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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: boat insurance

View the latest blog posts from Partners Insurance Agency.

Learn Safe Boating Rules and Requirements Every year, the U.S. Coast Guard reports thousands of accidents and hundreds of deaths resulting from recreational boating. Four leading causes of these tragic accidents are speeding, recklessness, inattention, and operator inexperience. READ MORE >>

Until You Know It's Protected, Keep Your Boat on Dry Land Americans love the sense of freedom and adventure that comes from boating. But boating can have a dark side, too. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, there were 4,730 boating accidents that involved 736 deaths in 2009. READ MORE >>

Stay Afloat with Proper Boater's Insurance There are many hidden costs associated with owning a boat; dock fees, general maintenance, and winter storage, just to name a few. One cost boat owners should never skimp on is purchasing the best available insurance policy for their watercraft. READ MORE >>

Insure Your New Boat with Proper Coverage Before you go out and purchase that new boat you have been dreaming about all winter, consider the importance of also purchasing the proper watercraft coverage that you will need for your new toy. READ MORE >>

Obeying Laws And Staying Safe In A Personal Watercraft A personal watercraft is about 10 feet in length and although this may seem small, a PWC comes with a large amount of responsibility. This small vessel has the horsepower of a large engine and the acceleration capabilities of a motorcycle. READ MORE >>

Understanding Your Boat Insurance Policy If you have a boat or are considering buying one, you should understand your insurance obligations and what is permitted under your coverage. Owning a boat opens you up to a whole new set of liabilities, particularly property damage to a third party or physical injury to someone else. READ MORE >>

Boat Owners Can Stay Afloat with Proper Boat Insurance Winter storage, dock fees and general maintenance are just a few examples of expenses associated with boat ownership. While most people do not think about these costs before buying a boat, they quickly learn after making a purchase that they are necessary. READ MORE >>

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