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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: homeowners insurance

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Tidying Up Your Home Can Reduce Claims, Homeowner's Premiums The latest trend in home care is tidiness thanks to the hit Netflix show "Tidying Up," with host Marie Kondo. By taking her advice on decluttering you will have a tidier looking home, but it can also mean a safer home, keeping your en... READ MORE >>

Homeowners: Take Action and Prevent Burglaries Home burglaries can happen to anyone at any time regardless of low crime rates in a neighborhood. It is important for homeowners everywhere to be prepared and to take steps to prevent burglaries. Below are some of the most helpful tips for preventing home burglaries. READ MORE >>

Preparedness Tips For Homeowners during Hurricane Season HURRICANE SEASON starts at the beginning of June and lasts until the end of November. Summertime, though usually pleasant, is also when natural disasters tend to strike. The threat of such catastrophes as hurricanes or floods occurring is a real one. READ MORE >>

Is Your Home Safe from Lightning Strikes? One important bit of advice to remember is that if thunder is audible and lightning is visible, it is time to take cover. Failing to do so could be a deadly mistake. There are many people who enjoy thunderstorms, and some people are fascinated by watchin... READ MORE >>

Halloween and Autumn Safety Tips Autumn is a wonderful time of year and comes with colorful Fall Festivals and Halloween Celebrations.  It's always good to take precautions to make sure that all family members, including pets, enjoy a safe experience as well. READ MORE >>

Safety and Health Tips for Halloween and Harvest Day Celebrations Harvest Day and Halloween celebrations are fun for children who enjoy wearing costumes and eating treats. The Centers for Disease Control encourages adults to plan parties with healthy snacks and to pass out healthy treats to kids on Halloween. READ MORE >>

Tips for Building or Remodeling for Wind Safety It is important for homeowners to know how high winds work to better protect their homes. Wind can affect a home in four ways. The first way it affects a home is by uplift. When wind travels over the roof, it creates a lifting effect. READ MORE >>

Top Water Loss Claims and Damages for Homeowners Frozen Pipes And Material Failure The two main types of plumbing system failures involve frozen pipes and supply system material failures. In a study, frozen pipes that eventually broke made up nearly 20 percent of plumbing system insurance claims. READ MORE >>

Why Every Home Needs Smoke Alarms The Los Angeles Fire Department distributed and installed thousands of smoke alarms to local residents in high-risk areas between 2014 and 2015. They did this in response to alarming nationwide statistics about smoke detectors and smoke-related deaths. READ MORE >>

Homeowners Insurance & Social Gatherings Many homeowners enjoy throwing parties for holidays or special events. If a party is in the near future, be sure that individual homeowners coverage is adequate. Guests who are injured may need to file an injury claim if their vehicle is damaged, if they fall down or if a pet bites them. READ MORE >>

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