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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: insurance

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Why Every Theft Victim Should File a Police Report Immediately Anyone who has ever been the victim of theft knows the feelings of anger and violation. Most people yearn for a sense of justice after something is stolen from them. In many examples, the stolen property is never recovered. READ MORE >>

Tips for Building or Remodeling for Wind Safety It is important for homeowners to know how high winds work to better protect their homes. Wind can affect a home in four ways. The first way it affects a home is by uplift. When wind travels over the roof, it creates a lifting effect. READ MORE >>

What Homeowners Need to Know about Replacement Cost and Market Value Many homeowners do not have sufficient coverage to provide for all of their belongings and as a result are under-insured. Most homeowners policies require you to be insured to the value of rebuilding your home, otherwise extend coverages may not apply. READ MORE >>

Keep Insurance Updated with Major Life Changes and Purchases As life circumstances change, it is important to review insurance coverage. There are several issues every policyholder should consider when doing this. Marital Status Married drivers typically qualify for auto insurance discounts. READ MORE >>

What Homeowners Need to Know about their Insurance Policies and Expensive Jewelry After purchasing any valuable jewelry, homeowners should contact their insurance agents quickly to update their policies. There is only limited coverage for expensive jewelry on a typical home insurance policy, so the owner may not receive the full value of the item if it is stolen or destroyed. READ MORE >>

What Consumers Need to Know about their Community's Fire Protection Rating and Insurance In an effort to help solidify premiums for fire insurance in commercial and residential properties, insurers must have accurate and current information about each community's services related to fire protection. READ MORE >>

Preventing Major Losses from Flood Damage Parts of the Midwest have experienced record flooding in the spring of 2019, caused by rains and the melting of massive amounts of snow that fell in the winter.  And as the weather becomes more unpredictable, many areas throughout the country are experiencing flooding with increasing regularity. READ MORE >>

Do You Know Your Flood Risk? Almost everyone has a risk of their home being flooded, regardless of where they live. And now as flooding has become an annual threat to many communities across the country, even areas that were not considered flood-prone are also at risk.  READ MORE >>

Commercial Liability Rates Start Climbing as Lawsuits Rise Commercial general liability insurance rates are starting to edge higher after years of flat or declining rates, depending on your market. A new survey by MarketScout found that general liability, umbrella/excess and professional liability lines increased by 2% in the first quarter of 2019. READ MORE >>

Employee Embezzlement on the Rise - Are You Protected? A typical organization will lose an estimated 5% of its revenues every year due to fraud, according to a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. READ MORE >>

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